Nambinal Nambungal, 6-08-2012, Zee Tamil TV Show Nambinal Nambungal,Watch Online Nambinal Nambungal

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Nambinal Nambungal, 6-08-2012, Zee TV Tamil Nambinal Nambungal,Watch Online Nambinal Nambungal


The name of the program means “Believe it or not” and it aims to explain experiences that even science can’t explain.
About this Episode: Super Natural – People say that there are too many clueless puzzles in human life. Can we say those are untrue just because we do not have any clue about it?. ” Nambinal Nambungal ” meaning “Believe it or not” is a journey to such experiences which even science can’t explain.

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Title: Nambinal Nambungal, 6-08-2012, Zee Tamil TV Show Nambinal Nambungal,Watch Online Nambinal Nambungal

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